January 24, 2004

Six Flags over Jesus
Posted by Jon Henke

Captain Ed writes on the explosion of mega-churches. Good lines....

I suppose it's too much to expect that the mass-market, one-stop approach that we love in the retail world would not apply itself to our spiritual life, but it seems we've Wal-Marted Jesus.
In other words, they've discounted sin, overstocked forgiveness and discontinued consequences at the Jesus Depot.
Some would say that religion is simply an evolutionary reaction to a world we could not understand. There is even evidence that indicate our brain is "hard-wired" to believe in a god.

Whatever. Be that as it may, it's not that great a leap to discover that the rules of human behaviour applies to religion in much the same way it applies to any other field. In short, the practice of religion is an economic phenomenon, too.

That doesn't make it terribly tasteful, though, does it? Well, Wal-Mart isn't pretty, either.


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