January 27, 2004

Adult content
Posted by Jon Henke

Galen "deals with adult themes and medications".....

Yet another erectile dysfunction drug, Cialis is hitting the market, which will lead to more "suggestive" advertising. We've already seen race cars and footballs thrown through tires...I'm waiting for the commercial with a couple on a train passing oil wells then entering a tunnel. Viagra won't give up its market share without a fight, so get ready for an advertising battle to end all advertising battles.
Best of all - his title:
Yet another F'ing drug



If you want a better car, Go See Cal…
If you want to drive ‘em far, Go See Cal…
Get a new car for your wife
She will love you all her life
But to get a hotter rod, go Cialis…

Posted by: Stephen at January 27, 2004 07:06 PM

I think I just saw a commercial that tops all the others in stupidity:

It was for Enzyte, a "natural male enhancement" drug. The guy has this dorky smile permanently emblazoned on his face and he's negotiating with (what we presume to be) Japanese business men. The head of the Japanese group makes an offer and the guy keeps smiling. One of the Japanese men says to their leader, "He is wood that will not bend." So the chief makes another offer, and the guy keeps smiling. The aide says, "He is remaining firm."

It couldn't have gotten more obvious if they'd called the guy with the smile Mr. Cockswell.

Posted by: Steverino at January 27, 2004 08:01 PM