February 06, 2004

GOP stands up to Bush
Posted by Jon Henke

This story, (warning: name drop coming) co-authored by QandO reader James Lakely, is heartening....

Growing frustration over President Bush's immigration plan and lack of fiscal discipline came to a head behind closed doors at last weekend's Republican retreat in Philadelphia.

House lawmakers, stunned by the intensity of their constituents' displeasure at some of Mr. Bush's key domestic policies, gave his political strategist Karl Rove an earful behind closed doors.

Good. I hope they left the vaseline at home.

Say, when did a Party last excoriate its own President? I can't recall a similar incident. Of course, they made nice about it publicly....

"I would not say we jumped all over Karl, but we did have a very pointed discussion about the concerns we are hearing from our base," said Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee Republican.
Translation: "We jumped all over Karl".

One gets the impression Karl Rove is trying to save the Republican Party...by killing it.


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