February 06, 2004

Blog Rolling
Posted by Jon Henke

Interesting thoughts throughout....

* Deacon posits that John Kerry is nearly every major Democratic candidate from the last 40 years. It's hard to argue his point for now, but that can't last forever. One wonders which one Kerry will eventually adapt as his "brand". Which, in other words, will stick.

* Sigh. I suppose if you think Howard Dean is a "moderate", you may well believe Arnold Schwarzenegger is an "arch conservative". Also, it would help if you don't know what "conservative" means.

* One econometric model indicates a pretty good 2004.

* Frank J sends hate mail to Dave Barry.

* Steve Verdon has interesting additional data point about the Massachussets Constitution as it relates to - what else? - the court ruling on gay marriage.

* I'm with Randall. Animals don't have rights. They can have rights, when then are capable of taking responsibility. Until then, they are meat.

What's a pigs greatest contribution to civilization? Bacon.

* Mark Nicodermo smacks Wesley Clark and Dennis Kucinich around. Rhetotically, I mean.

* So...how's that Israeli fence working out? Pretty good, as it turns out. The Arab world hates it when that happens.

* Just after asking for pingbacks, the Commissar seems to have delinked QandO. Not sure why, but I demand a detente!


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