February 06, 2004

Well, who would you like?
Posted by Jon Henke

Matthew Yglesias....

John McCain would really be an inspired choice for the WMD Commission. On the one hand, he's got bipartisan credibility and a well-known lack of loyalty to the Bush clan. On the other hand, he's actually an Iraq super-hawk and has been for years, so he's probably totally uninterested in how his fellow super-hawks manipulated the country into war. It's some quick thinking.
Jesus Christ, Matt, who do you want on the panel? Teddy Kennedy, Tom Daschle and Dennis Kucinich? Why don't we just appoint Terry McAuliffe and call it a day?

If a fellow who you concede has "bipartisan credibility and a well-known lack of loyalty to the Bush clan" isn't good enough, who could be?

McCain seems like the most obvious, fair-minded choice possible. Lieberman might be a good choice, too. Of course, critics won't be happy unless the panel is appointed by Howard Dean and supplied with pitchforks and torches.

UPDATE: Yglesias updates....

Who would I like? Why, Democrats, of course. But from the GOP, Chuck Hagel and or Dick Lugar are the people I'd like to see.
Fair enough. I'd be curious who else people would like to see, but Bush has pretty much eliminated that question by actually naming a panel...

Charles Robb, co-chairman: Democratic former governor of Virginia and senator who served on the Finance, Commerce and Budget committees.
Laurence Silberman, co-chairman: Deputy attorney general in the Nixon and Ford administrations who was appointed to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals by President Ronald Reagan in 1985, now on part-time senior status.
Lloyd Cutler: White House counsel to Democratic Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.
Richard Levin: Economics professor who was appointed president of Yale University in 1993.
John McCain: Vietnam War hero and senator from Arizona who challenged Bush for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000, often considered a maverick by fellow Republicans.
William Studeman: Retired admiral who served as director of naval intelligence, director of the National Security Agency and deputy director of central intelligence during the Clinton administration.
Patricia Wald: Former assistant attorney general who was appointed to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals by President Jimmy Carter in 1979, where she served through 1999.

Two more panelists will be named later. Maybe he's just waiting for Howard Dean to drop out of the race.

Alright, Democrats, this is it: Ready. Set. Begin the opposition research on the panelists!