April 06, 2004

Well, at least it wasn't the Defense Department
Posted by Jon Henke

Did you know you were paying tax dollars for one arm of the Bush/Cheney campaign?

The U.S. Treasury's inspector general is conducting an inquiry into the propriety of having civil servants analyze tax proposals resembling those of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, a spokesman said on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, a Treasury spokesman defended the analysis and said Treasury was only doing its job in conducting it, while a Kerry campaign official charged that it was "a disgrace" on the Bush administration.

The issue blew up last month after Treasury published an analysis of Kerry's proposals on its Web site, without identifying them as those of the Democratic candidate. The analysis focused on the potential impact of a tax plan that rolls back tax reductions for taxpayers earning more than $200,000 annually -- the centerpiece of Kerry's proposal.

The analysis said their impact would be to boost taxes over the next decade by hundreds of billions of dollars.

"I'm George W Bush, and I approved this United States Treasury Department analysis."