April 06, 2004

Rall comes around
Posted by Jon Henke

He's not exactly voting for Bush, but I'll take what I can get from Ted Rall. In his latest column, Rall makes some surprising admissions...

What did Bush know when and how quickly should he have done something about it?

But both the 9/11 commission and liberal opponents of the Bush Administration are focusing on the wrong question. Nothing has surfaced from the 2001 "summer of threat" beyond a bunch of vague they're-up-to-something caveats. The specific details intelligence agencies would have needed to stop the attacks before they happened--potential hijackers' names, dates and times, targets--were maddeningly elusive.

..and this:
It's unreasonable to expect the government to have anticipated 9/11.
Call the 9/11 commission, tell them to pack it in....their job is done. When Ted freakin' Rall clears the Bush administration, the Bush administration is cleared.

Why, next thing you know, Rall will say we didn't go to war for oil. Of course, he'll probably be lynched by the anti-war crowd, but that's the price you pay for marching with pacifists. Sometimes, they get violent.

Rall does make some silly suggestions (natch).....

A policy of keeping Air Force fighters aloft 24 hours a day could have allowed the shoot-down of the second New York-bound plane, saving hundreds at the second tower and possibly those who died at the Pentagon.
It's all so simple! Just keep fighter-coverage of the entire United States, 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a years....for years.
And, rather than leave entire states undefended by air bases, spreading military facilities evenly throughout U.S. territory would have shrunk response time to a bare minimum.
A relatively silly suggestion, but not as sily as his next comment...
Bush and his cabinet members should explain why they didn't take such common-sense precautions to defend us before 9/11...
Yeah. The Bush administration should explain why they didn't close down dozens of Air Force bases, build brand new bases appropriately spaced around the US, institute 24 hour-a-day military patrols of US airspace....and do it all prior to 9/11.

Well, maybe the moonbat contingent won't totally disown Rall. He does bring the best tinfoil.

UPDATE: Parked at the Beltway Traffic Jam.


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