June 08, 2004

Condi Bitch Slaps Al Jazeera
Posted by McQ

In a move that is surely a little pay back, Condi Rice, calling Al Jazeera "purely inaccurate" refused an interview with them and granted one to their competitor Al-Arabiya:

"They do these interviews with the aim of getting the message across. She's talking to us," said Talal Al-Haj, U.S. bureau chief for Al-Arabiya, an independent Arab network based in Dubai and founded in February 2003.

Al-Haj has it right. In settings such as the G-8, its about getting the message out and Rice is correct to pick and choose among those who she feels will do the best job of getting it out accurately. Al Jazeera has a poor track record in that regard.

Rice was very forthright in her refusal to deal with Al Jazeera:

"I don't think anybody has suggested the shutting down of Al-Jazeera," Rice responded. "I do think people have suggested that it would be a good thing if the reporting were accurate on Al-Jazeera, and if it were not slanted in ways that appears to be, at times, just purely inaccurate. And so that's been the issue with Al-Jazeera."

Pedictably, Al Jazeera whined. Mohammed Alami, chief Washington correspondent for Al Jazeera complained:

"That's B.S.," Alami said later. "They just don't like our reporting. They don't like our content. I'm sure we make mistakes, but we don't deserve this level of bashing."

Well actually they do deserve this level of bashing. Their reporting has been poor and, frankly innaccurate (as witnessed by them carrying the Ba'athist line as propogated by Baghdad Bob as the 'truth' of the status of the war in Iraq). They have a tendency to play to the worst of the hatred and fear in the "Arab street". There is little doubt in my mind that their "reporting" has led to anti-American violence in Iraq which has injured and probably killed Americans and innocent Iraqis. In a word, much of it is "irresponsible" reporting.

Time they began to pay the piper.

Good on you, Condi.


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