June 16, 2004

Posted by Jon Henke

Notice the Foxnews redesign? It - and this is technical internet jargon, so bear with me - sucks.

Too much noise, not enough signal. One has to dig through a lot of ads, specialty stories (read: human interest, opinion, tabloid), and assorted less-than-useful areas (weather, "Fox Connect"...?) to get to the news. And, what's worse, the main list of news stories is in a difficult to view sidebar on the (natch) right.

I'm reminded of nothing so much as the women's magazines that have about 1 page of content to every 3 pages of advertisements. Thanks....but no thanks. I'll be skipping over Foxnews.com from now on.

As a point of interest, though, I'd note that FoxNews has introduced Fox Blogs. Scan down the main page to see links to blogs by Greta Van Susteren, Linda Vester, and Steve Harrigan. As with the mainpage, they have a poor signal/noise ratio.

However, despite the interesting addition of blogs, Foxnews.com has become a waste of time. Life is short, and I'm not interested in working that hard to read the same headlines I can read elsewhere more easily.

UPDATE: Dean Esmay agrees, calling it a "web-design travesty".

UPDATE II: Hm....they've changed it a bit. It's slightly more readable, less busy....more navigable. Do blogs get results? Or do we overestimate our power? Depends on whether you're asking or day-dreaming....


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