June 27, 2004

Petard ... as in "hoist upon"
Posted by McQ

Remember former Clinton State Department spokesman James P. Rubin ?


Remember when he said this about two years ago in the introduction to an hour-long PBS documentary called "Saddam's Ultimate Solution":

"Tonight, we examine the nature of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. Ten years after the Gulf War and Saddam is still there and still continues to stockpile weapons of mass destruction. Now there are suggestions he is working with al Qaeda, which means the very terrorists who attacked the United States last September may now have access to chemical and biological weapons."

No? Well that's good, because James Rubin wants you to forget all about it.

That way he can do this:

Last week, appearing on a cable talk show as a senior adviser to the presidential campaign of John Kerry, Rubin sharply criticized the public official who has most forcefully asserted that these allegations need to be fully explored and investigated. Rubin went so far as to question Vice President Dick Cheney's "fitness for office."

Unfortunately for Jimmy, someone remembered and asked him about the documentary:

Rubin, asked about the documentary, then distanced himself from the film. "Was I the producer of the documentary?" he asked. "I was the host, producing--having a discussion about the documentary."

Ah, the Peter Arnett "Tailwind" defense. Yo, Mr. Rubin, your denial has a wiff of "tailwind' to it. It didn't work for Arnett and it damn sure doesn't work for you.


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