August 10, 2004

Back from vacation. Need a vacation.
Posted by Jon Henke

Well, I'm back. For all the good that will do. (If you didn't notice my absence.....try not to tell me that, ok?)

Rather than try to force a post out of everything I want to say, I'll just make this a "Quick Hits" post covering whatever seems relevant.....

* Florida is humid. And I mean Florida is "humid" in much the same way that, for example, the surface of the sun is not. Perhaps because it rains every freaking day. Seriously, in our last two trips to Florida--covering a period of ~10 days in-state--it has rained at least once every single day.

On the other hand, I like the rain, so what am I complaining about?

* Look, Alex....Parliament! Big Ben! (lesson learned: don't get lost in the Orlando suburbs with nothing but "a lake" for landmark guidance)

* 6 days with very infrequent internet access makes one feel very ill-informed. So, I understand there's been some fuss about John Kerry? And complaints have been made about Bush, too? And there are potential terror threats? And ongoing problems in Iraq? And the economic indicators are confusing?

So, really, I didn't miss anything that wasn't already happening, did I?

* McQ doesn't know what he's talking about. Disney? Ha! What kind of tourist schmoes do we look like? We went to Seaworld. Had a blast. Decided not to sit in the "Soak Zone" at the Shamu show, which saved us from getting completely soaked. Until it started raining. (of course it rained)

* Remember a week or so ago, when the "apparatchiks" at Pandagon mocked a post in which I pointed out that Clinton's description of Kerry's service in Vietnam was inaccurate? I got quite a bit of abuse about that.

Well, Spinsanity looks into it, and.....comes to the same conclusion I reached. Well, if I might quote Ezra...."HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...woo...heh. Heh. [wipes tear from eye] snicker. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....".

* Re: the recent Swift Boat issue, I have been out of pocket, so I can't really comment on the topic with any great confidence, but I must say one thing: I find the allegation that Kerry shot a fleeing enemy in the back very uninteresting.

Actually, that's not true. I'm having trouble understanding why it's considered a criticism. I mean, he shot an enemy. That's a good thing. I don't find the direction this particular enemy was facing terribly relevant, except insofar as it presents a better target than a prone position. It'd be quite an interesting rule, if we were no longer allowed to shoot the enemy, once he "called it". ("run away! run away! Don't shoot! I called 'run away'!")

* Having said that, I have to point out that I don't really consider this kind of allegation terribly important. Even if we assume the worst of Kerry--that he lied through his teeth for decades--it has no impact on his policies. And, at the end of the day, it is his policies that will be implemented, not his version of events in Cambodia Vietnam.

As a political attack, it can be very effective, but I won't be voting for or against (ok, against) Kerry because of this. I will do it because of more fundamental problems with his policies. These are merely details.

* I may be a bit slow on the blog this week, as we're still catching up from our time away from Richmond. Also, my wife is getting Lasik surgery this week, so I'll be helping her like a good husband should.

Ok, that's all the vacation slides I have. Thanks for sitting through it.