August 18, 2004

Posted by Jon Henke

A couple interesting developments in the Kerry/SBV story.....

* Captain Ed points to a story about Kerry's personal journal, in which he claims he has not been shot at....a week after the event for which he received his first purple heart....

Short version:

  • Dec 2, 1968: "was slightly wounded on his arm, earning his first Purple Heart on his first day of serious action".

  • Dec 11, 1968: From Kerry's journal...."A cocky feeling of invincibility accompanied us up the Long Tau shipping channel because we hadn't been shot at yet, and Americans at war who haven't been shot at are allowed to be cocky."

Interesting, but I'm hesitant to stake too much on this story right now, especially since Kerry's journal statement is sufficiently vague that we can't really tell whether he was talking about himself, his boat, his crew, or even that particular mission. I'll wait for the explanation before reaching any conclusions on this. (in fact, I'm generally leaning towards agnosticism on the whole Kerry/Vietnam issue, though I think it's interesting to follow)


* Beldar--who is getting blogrolled--finds some discrepancies between the official story Kerry is telling now, and the story John Kerry told previously....

Meet the newest member of the Republican Smear Machine....John Kerry! Read the rest of Beldar's post and Captain Ed's post for more information on this new Karl Rove operative.

Again, I'm largely agnostic about the whole Kerry/Vietnam thing, but it certainly is interesting to note the discrepancies. (...discrepancies between Kerry's stories, and discrepancies between the way his supporters handle this "question about Vietnam service" and the way they handled that of Bush)



Interesting nugget from an (AP) story linked on the side about Kerry's reaction to Bush's troop withdrawl plan...

The Vietnam-era military records of both candidates remain an issue in the race, with former sailors accusing Kerry of exaggerating his war record and Democrats questioning whether Bush showed up for duty in the Texas Air National Guard

Catch that? Sailors who served with Kerry (no political affiliations) question Kerry, while only Democrats question the President.

The sad part is (AP) doesn't even realize the meaning of what they just wrote.


Posted by: shark at August 18, 2004 11:50 AM

But I thought all the SBV's were dirty stinkin' 'publicans.

Posted by: Curt Mitchell at August 18, 2004 12:19 PM