And this two-faced hypocrite was the man Republicans nominated for president. I’m still amazed by that. If I were a Republican, I’d be ashamed.

With this issue, as so many others, it’s depressing to fight against it. Those who want it will never give up, and if they ever win, they win forever.

Written By: Billy Hollis
correction Billy, this is the man that got a lot of early primaries because of democrats crossing over. We need to end these open primaries or it will only happen again.

At least the crappy economy will cause a slowdown in illegal immigration for a while.

Written By: kyleN
I fear that McCain is about to revert back to his "maverick" schtick now that he’s out of the limelight. He needs to be the center of attention and he will gladly "reach across the aisle" if it means that Chris Matthews will have him on his show to take a few pot shots at Republicans.

I agree Billy, it is depressing to deal with the narcissists on the left. They will never stop promoting their self interest. It’s exhausting but we can’t give up now.

Written By: jt007
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"And this two-faced hypocrite was the man Republicans nominated for president. I’m still amazed by that. If I were a Republican, I’d be ashamed."

I am a Republican, and I cast my vote for McCain with a heavy heart. I have been an Arizonan for 14 years now, and have never voted for McCain until 2008.

Actually (and I know people will say I am lying), I met McCain a number of years ago. To be honest, he was a sc*mbag in person. I was in the Congressional subway talking with my other US Senator, Jon Kyl (who happens to be a really fantastic guy). We got off, and Kyl lingered to talk to me. How many in Congress do that?

Anyway, McCain got off the next car, and Kyl shouted him over. "Hey, John," he yelled. "We have one of ours here - this guy’s from Arizona."

McCain barely acknowledged Kyl before heading up the escalator to the US Senate. I was all of 5 feet from the man, but he treated me as if I had VD or something. Kyl looked embarrassed. He shook my hand and followed McCain.

If the race had been between McCain and a moderate Democrat, I would have just stayed home. (I have never voted Democrat, and never will.) But when it was McCain against Obama, I couldn’t have my hatred for the guy cloud my judgement about what was best for this country. Many more people, who never knew McCain, sided with Obama and have put this country in tremendous danger. You do not hand the presidency to a man whose experience is some time in the Illinois state Senate and 142 days in the US Senate, especially in a time of war, terrorism, increased threats to our country from Iran, North Korea, and the like, and a down US economy. Those who did have put us all in danger.

That being said, if McCain throws his new-found "conservatism" to a side and works with the Dems on screwing America, remember that McCain is up for re-election in 2010. And if he does move Left, he will be castigated and get a serious challenge, if not a third-party candidate, to contest him two years from now.

Plus, I will apologize for having voted for him in 2008. That being said, I will keep my eyes open as to how he acts for the next 12 months.

Written By: James Marsden
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"At least the crappy economy will cause a slowdown in illegal immigration for a while."

Why? The US economy will probably still be better than their native economies, and with all those economic stimulus and public works projects there will be plenty of those jobs Americans won’t do, and enforcement will certainly be even less rigorous than it is now.

Written By: timactual
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